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Decode -Part 9.5-

Title: Decode
Author: asianchik92 This chapter was done by: [info]gompi!
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho, Jaejoong/Junsu
Genre: Romance, Light Comedy, Angst
Disclaimer: I got the story line off a Indian Movie but I changed it, and I don't own TVXQ either
A/N: The smut scene everyone seemed to ask for.

Summary: When a person meets another there is a story, How does ours end? Meeting a person once is chance, Meeting a person twice is lucky, Meeting a person three times is fate, so If you meet a person five times is it love? Yoochun, an aspiring cartoonist, meets Changmin. Personalities clash but what happens when they unknowingly fall in love?


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Part 9.5

This is a mistake.


Alcohol tasted good on Yoochun’s tongue but Changmin wanted to taste past that.

Past the ten or twenty drinks Yoochun swallowed.

He wanted to taste straight the center, the core.

In the dark, the bedroom is made out of all shapes and sizes but Changmin only followed one silhouette. Yoochun’s.

It was not his first time but it was his first time with Yoochun, and that made all the difference as their lips meet again. Changmin wanted to remember and memorize everything even if Yoochun wouldn't.

Yoochun’s jeans were off by the time they hit the bed.

He stumbled and he hit the bed. Changmin pulled his shirt off before pushing his jeans down. Yoochun’s arms wrapped around his neck and they kissed.

Their fingers tangled in each others hair as they fought for control but Changmin was stronger and Yoochun was drunk.

Changmin swallowed as his eyes roamed at Yoochun’s body. His hand trembled and he hesitated.

“I’m a bad person.” Yoochun mumbled as he reached up to pull Changmin down. “Real bad.” He whispered, tongue licking Changmin’s bottom lip.

Changmin forced their lips together, hand sliding down to grab Yoochun, skin to skin.

He moaned eyes closed as Changmin strokes slowly. “Does that feel good?”

Yoochun groaned as he fisted the blanket. He nodded. “Mhmm.”

“You want more, Yoochunnie~?” Changmin mocked.

Yoochun jumped at him, growling.

Changmin’s fingers were warm as he stretched Yoochun.

“Does that feel good?”

Yoochun nodded, biting his finger. “So good.” Changmin crooked his finger and he whimpered. “Stop teasing.”

“I thought you were a bad person.”

Yoochun arched when Changmin’s fingers stroked his prostate. “I-I am.” He moans. “Oh god. I’m a bad person.”

Changmin licked from his stomach up. “Then you deserve to be punished.”

Yoochun screamed, silently, as Changmin pushed in.

His body was tight, warm and felt so good that Changmin let out the softest moan.

“It’s a tight fit.” Yoochun shuddered, biting his wrist to keep from screaming as Changmin pulled out. “But I like it better this way.” Changmin rocked back in, smirking at the scream Yoochun released.

“Do that again.” He whimpered, legs wrapping Changmin’s waist.

Changmin licked his lip before pulling out and rocking back in. He smiled at the moan, Yoochun let out.

“That feels good.” Yoochun whimpered again and Changmin forceed their lips together.

“You feel good.” He hissed as he angles his next thrust.

Yoochun cried out, finger pulling Changmin’s hair as he hit his prostate. “F-Fuck!!”

Changmin shuddered before doing it again. He smirked at Yoochun’s scream as he reached down to trace his cock.

Yoochun shook; Changmin could tell he was close. “Want me to touch you?”

Yoochun’s eyes were wet and he nodded, biting his lip.

Changmin gave a sharp thrust and Yoochun cried out. “I couldn’t hear you.”

“P-please.” He mumbled into Changmin’s neck. “Please. Fuck!” He growled when Changmin hit his prostate again.

Changmin swallowed before fisting Yoochun’s cock.

Yoochun moaned, biting his shoulder.

Changmin’s arm trembled as he stroked slowly, Yoochun shaking in his hand.

“Changmin please!” he begged.

Changmin growled before giving another thrust, moaning when Yoochun tightened around him.

Yoochun screamed, releasing over Changmin’s hand.

Changmin hid his face in his neck. He swallowed before giving one more thrust, releasing with a groan. He inhaled in the scent of sex and cum off of Yoochun before collapsing beside him, breathing hard. “Fuck.”

Yoochun burrowed into his side and Changmin looked at him. He was almost asleep, the orgasm draining him and Changmin leaned down to kiss him.

It’s soft. Changmin moaned at the sweet taste of Yoochun. A fingers cupped his cheek, keeping him in place.

Both are panting when they pulled away.

Yoochun licked his lips before pulling the blanket around them. He cuddled against Changmin’s chest, arms wrapping around him.

‘Good job’ Changmin thought as he pulled Yoochun closer to his chest. ‘You just ruined a perfectly good friendship.’

Changmin kissed Yoochun’s hair when he heard soft snore. And the stale smell of alcohol reached his nose once again.



A/N: Okay I was blushing when I was reading through this... Only because I was just the fact I was going to be posting something rated above PG-13... hopefully this satisfies all of you that wanted a smut scene. And again it was gompi that wrote this...

And As always Comments, Critic, Random Babblings, all appreciated!
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