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Decode -Part 8-

Title: Decode
Author: asianchik92
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho, Jaejoong/Junsu (later)
Genre: Romance, Light Comedy, Angst (later)
Disclaimer: I got the story line off a Indian Movie but I changed it, and I don't own TVXQ either
A/N: atobekazuki betaed this chapter, thanks. :D

Summary: When a person meets another there is a story, How does ours end? Meeting a person once is chance, Meeting a person twice is lucky, Meeting a person three times is fate, so If you meet a person five times is it love? Yoochun, an aspiring cartoonist, meets Changmin. Personalities clash but what happens when they unknowingly fall in love?


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Part 8

Yoochun's father stared dejectedly at the floor just as he had for the last ten minutes. Changmin walked in as Yoochun walked around his room gathering cloths, photographs, and other things.

    "Yoochun?" Changmin called out. Yoochun's father was shaken out of his reverie.

    "One second, Changmin, I'll be right out." Yoochun yelled back through the closed door.

    Yoochun's father looked as Changmin walked over to him before resuming is very productive activity of staring at the floor.

    "Park-shii, How come you’re not dressed, aren't you coming to the airport?" Changmin sat down and looked at Yoochun's father, slightly concerned.

    "Spare me," Yoochun's father his voice tired.

    "Why?" Changmin asked looking at him with much more worry.

    "I can't say goodbyes,"

    Yoochun walked in wearing the same black trench coat that he wore before. Changmin gave him a once over before looking at Park-shii again.

    "Its getting late, I'm have to go so I don't miss my flight." Yoochun said as his father stood up and placed a hand on his head affectionately.

    "Have a safe trip," he replied his voice sad and soft. before winking and smiling at Yoochun. Changmin smiled before lifting one of Yoochun's bags. Looking back at them, Changmin watched as Yoochun and his father hugs each other, the 'I love you', and the awkward smile that could only be between father and son. Shaking his head, he stood on his porch as Changmin drove off with Yoochun in the passenger seat.


    Yoochun and Changmin walked up to the counter. Placing his bags on the weighing machine Yoochun reached over and got his ticket.

    "Do you remember we met at an airport?" Changmin stated smiling. "After that first meeting I really hated you,"

    Yoochun laughed, "I know, me too,"

    Changmin looked at him, "Really? You did?"

    Yoochun nodded, "Yeah I really hated you,"

    "Really? You hated me? That's must be the exact reason why you tried to kiss me," Changmin face fell to irritation, something Yoochun was proud to do almost every single time they met.

    "Only tried?"

    "Shut up, Yoochun,"

    "I hated you, I think it was because you didn't know how to talk to people and had no respect for women, let alone men. You were so irritating and annoying," Changmin said as they walked away from counter. Yoochun slowed down a bit when Changmin finished.

    "Hmm, not bad," Yoochun said as he stopped about five feet behind Changmin. Changmin didn't turn around, just moved his head to indicate that he was listening, "After all these years you remember everything about me?"

    Changmin turned around and looked at Yoochun, as in really looked. Shifting awkwardly on his feet, his eyes starting to look everywhere but Yoochun's dark brown, beautiful eyes. His lips, his nose, his hair, Changmin tried to memorize every little thing, about the man in front of him, face. 'It wasn't as if he was going to see the man again,' Changmin reasoned in the split second of awkwardness. No it was nothing else but that.

    "So did you think of a story for 'Me and You'?" Changmin asked, desperately trying to get rid of the awkwardness.

    "I have something in mind, but who knows maybe 'Me and You' will end up falling in love." Yoochun said, his voice suddenly turning serious, as he searched Changmin's face for something. Though he didn't really know what that something was.

    Changmin and Yoochun smiled, they didn't know when they were going to see each other again, or if they were going to see each other again.

    "All the best then," Changmin said holding out a hand. Yoochun took it and shook, 'professional, professional is good,' 

    "You know Yoochun, I didn't think I'd ever admit this to you, but, I think I'll miss you," Changmin said, Yoochun face faltered slightly before covering it up with a smile.

    "We're going to see each other very soon," Yoochun said stepping closer and his voice becoming softer. Changmin looked down into Yoochun's eyes in slight confusion.

    "Because life's a long time." Yoochun had let go of Changmin's hand and started walking to his gate; Changmin stared at his back for a second before seeing Yoochun turn around, waving to him. Changmin turned around and walked towards the exit.

3 Months Later - Seoul, South Korea

    Yoochun turned around, the ball moving between his feet, the winds flew around them. Yoochun almost made it into the goal, before a blur of a person stole the ball from him.

    "Yah!" Yoochun said running after him. "Junsu!"

    Junsu laughed as he kicked in the ball into the goal, the ball rolled to a school team that was practicing on the other field.

    "So Changmin is coming in three days?" Junsu asked as he got the ball back, lifting it, before dropping it again to start the play.

    "Right," Yoochun said between pants.

    "Whose friend is he? Yours or mine?" Junsu asked looking at Yoochun critically before stealing the ball from him again.

    "Mine." Yoochun preferred to keep his sentences short and to the point when he was currently trying to steal the ball back from the almost-professional football/soccer player.

    "Am I your chauffeur or secretary?" Junsu asked turning around and evading Yoochun's tries to get the ball with ease.

    "Neither," Yoochun said trying to concentrate on getting the ball almost falling in the process.

    "Then why do you want me to pick him up from the airport?" Junsu said as he scored, Yoochun ran to get the ball.

    "Because I want you to marry him," Yoochun said before dropping the soccer ball and punting it at Junsu.

    "Right, really?" Junsu said incredulously, completely forgetting about the ball coming his way until having the ball bounce off his face. He dropped with a groan.

    "Hey are you okay?" Yoochun asked before getting promptly punch the a place-where-the-sun-don't-shine.

    "OW!" Yoochun said, joining Junsu on the ground. Yoochun closed his eyes and curled up protecting the area from further harm.

    "That's what you get." Junsu said rolling over on his back to stare up at the spring sky.

    "You want me to marry Changmin?"

    "Exactly" Yoochun squeezed out between wheezes.

    "Come on Junsu," Yoochun said once the pain lessened, "You two are perfect for each other,"

    "If Changmin is so perfect, why don't you marry him?" Junsu shot back enjoying the view of the clouds, he swore he could see a sheep, or lamb trampling a rabbit, but he didn't say anything.

    "I can't marry Changmin,"


    "I'm the sort of person that a mother would warn he children from ever having a relationship with." Yoochun said looking at the clouds next to Junsu. In the sky it looked like there was a deer nose-to-nose with a rabbit. It seemed a bit weird.

    "Yup!" Junsu said lifting his hand into the air to voice his agreement.

    "I know Changmin," Yoochun said ignoring Junsu little outburst. "He needs a person that it mature and experienced. So shut up and trust me,"

    "Trust you?" Junsu said laughing. Yoochun laughed a bit before kicking Junsu in the shin, hard.

    "So in three days, Changmin is coming to the airport, You will go and pick him up. And if you don't like him then you don't need to ever see him again." Yoochun said throwing an arm around Junsu and sniggering.

    Yoochun stood and up and started walking away, "Hey!" Junsu yelled sitting up, "When did I say yes?"

    "You didn't say no!" Yoochun said before sprinting for his life as Junsu chased him.


    "I can't believe it, I'm actually doing what you're telling me to do." Junsu said holding the Haptic cell phone to his ear.

    "Oh and if Changmin realizes I'm introducing you two, he will kill me," Yoochun said sitting in front of the T.V. playing a video game in his pajamas.

    "So after the wedding, can I tell him?" Junsu said walking around to the other side of his Lexus.

    "Not bad, already thinking about the wedding." Yoochun said slyly, Junsu could almost hear the smirk that would written all over Yoochun's face in bright red thick letters.

    "Changmin is also staying with family, so he knows the address." Yoochun listened to Junsu for a couple of moments on the other end before adjusting the handset of his phone, "Yeah, Junsu, I'm busy, I'll call you later," Yoochun pushed end before going back to his video game.


    Changmin and his mother wove through the throngs of people waiting for people that were coming home. They past women, men and children all holding signs before stopping when something caught their eyes. A man shorter then Changmin, heck even shorter than Yoochun stood holding a sign that had 'Shim Changmin and family' written on it.

    "Um, Changmin-shii?" Junsu asked timidly to make sure it wasn't someone else.

    "Yes, and you are?" Changmin asked looking at the man with a careful eye.

    "Hi, I'm Yoochun, oh sorry, I'm Junsu," Junsu stuttered out looking slightly nervous at the intimidating handsome man in front of him, "I'm Yoochun's friend,"

    "Ah! You are Yoochun's friend!" Hana-shii started to talk as Changmin just looked at his mother, wondering what planet she was from. I'm Shim Jaejin, but you can call me Hana," Hana-shii rambled on oblivious to the stare turned glare that Changmin was sending her, "Your handsome, just like Yoochun described,"

    "Yoochun described?" Changmin said, not taking his eyes off of his mother, in something close to suspicious shock.

    "No he didn't, he just said that Junsu would be coming to receive us from the airport." Hana-shii said smiling and looking between the two of them.

    "And you couldn't tell me this before," Changmin deadpanned as he looked at her.

    "Changmin-ah, It is a long flight and I'm at my wits ends, I don't even think I can remember the address properly." Hana-shii said completely not afraid of the look Changmin was giving her.

    "Oh sorry, hi Junsu," Junsu shifted from foot to foot, before speaking.

    "Something suddenly came up, so Yoochun was busy, that's why I came," Junsu said nodding slightly.

    "Suddenly? But Umma said Yoochun called and told her ahead of time," Changmin said sharply, not exactly believing Junsu.

    "The car is parked outside, Shall we?" Junsu motioned before taking the handles of the cart. and pushing it.

    "What type of car do you drive?" Hana-shii asked before her arm got pulled by Changmin.

    "Umma! You don't ask people things like that,"

    "Just asking because we have so much luggage," Hana-shii covered up before grinning in Junsu's direction.


    There is just something about South Korea, the country has a smell of its own," Hana-shii said looking out the front windshield as Junsu drove through the traffic, "It is so nice to be here instead of Paris,"

    Changmin opened the newspaper that was sitting in the backseat.

    "So what do you do?" Hana-shii asked looking at Junsu, whose eyes were covered by his sunglasses.

    "I run a computer business," He said smiling.

    "Oh," Hana-shii grinned and glanced back at Changmin who seemed more interested in the newspaper then their conversation.

    "I see, so how much turn over?" Hana-shii continued.

    "Umma!" Changmin said sternly from the back.

    "Changmin is also a computer buff," Hana-shii said smiling.

    "Really?" Junsu asked.

    "Not much, except office computing," Changmin forgot to include the fact that he hacked into the security system of a high-end business just to see if they had seen his pictures yet, but that was just a tiny detail.

    "So Yoochun said you run a photo studio in Paris," Junsu said lightly trying to keep the small talk alive.

    "Yeah, I'm trying to get on Vogue," Changmin said lightly.

    Hana-shii looked back before starting on a tangent. "We've only been in Korea for less then 30 minutes, and you're already reading? Why are you already reading? You read too much."

    "Yoochun's 'Me and You' is in the New York Times," Changmin said smiling.

    Junsu looked away slightly awkward, "God, Yoochun..." he muttered under his breath.

    "Yes, Yoochun," Hana-shii said with equal distaste.

    Changmin looked at his mother, "What?" Hana-shii said glancing at Junsu then at Changmin, "I was only joining the chorus."


    Changmin walked into the apartment that his aunt had rented for him and his mother. It was late, every other room in the entire apartment complex had its light off.

    The phone rang, and rang.

    "In Seoul don't they disconnect the phones at night?" Hana-shii asked groggily, before turning over.

    Changmin's hand reached over and picked up the phone, "Yes, Yoochun,"

    "Hey Changmin, how did you know it was me?" Yoochun's voice on the other end flowed through almost sending Changmin back to sleep.

    "Who else would call this late at night?" Changmin stated, opening an eye to look at the time.

    "You're angry with me? Okay then, I'm going home then." both of Changmin's eyes sprang open.

    "What?" Changmin didn't put down the phone but rolled out of bed at an inhuman speed, almost losing his balance.

    "I'm standing outside of your house,"

    Opening the door, Changmin looked out and saw Yoochun standing there, in his short pants, no socks and now shorter hair. Smiling slightly Changmin just stared. Yoochun titled his head in an awkward gesture; he really wanted to scratch his head.


    Changmin sat looking out at the Seoul Skyline as Yoochun ate the food he had on his plate. Surprisingly Hana-shii didn't wake up.

    "Umma was right, your own country is the best." Changmin said glancing at Yoochun who nodded slightly putting a dumpling in his mouth.

    "Who told you to live in Paris?" Yoochun asked before realizing what exactly he had asked.

    "Oh, Sorry," Yoochun said evading Changmin's eyes.

    "No its okay, really," Changmin said putting a hand on Yoochun's shoulder.

    "Yoochun, the reason why I stayed in Paris was because if I stayed in Seoul everyone would have wanted me to marry again. And after Yunho died, I just wasn't interested. I can't stop loving someone just because they are dead, I will always love Yunho," Changmin confided. Yoochun listened quietly not saying anything about the swirling thoughts in his head.

    "But it doesn't mean that you can't pick up the rest of your life right?" Yoochun said softly.

    "Yes, but to start fresh and have no worries, then you should have a good companion." Changmin said looking at Yoochun's silky black hair, his pink lips, Changmin had to tear his eyes away and look back out the window.

    "Not someone in an arranged marriage," Changmin continued.

    Yoochun turned and looked at Changmin evenly, "What if you find someone here?"

    "I think arranged marriages work," Yoochun continued only to pause once Changmin started to laugh.

    "You actually like arranged marriages?" Changmin said shaking his head.

    "Hey!" Yoochun said trying to save his butt. "Okay lets pretend I'm coming here to look at an arranged match,"

    "At 2am?" Changmin said incredulously.

    "Hello Changmin, I'm Suan Namkyung!"

    "Shut up Yoochun!" Changmin said getting up and walking to the table.

    "Your aunt's niece's daughter speaks very highly of you," Yoochun called out and Changmin shock his head. "She said we are perfect for each other,"

    "Bye Yoochun," Changmin said as he spread jelly on a piece of toast.

    Yoochun got up and stood next to Changmin, "Okay not Suan Namkyung, but a guy, a genuine, smart, caring guy, even though there is nothing wrong with any Suan Namkyungs out there, asks you whether or not, after so many years in Paris, will you be able to adjust to life in Seoul again. With me," Yoochun said as Changmin handed him a plate with a toast sandwich on it. Laughing Yoochun grabbed Changmin's arm and steered him to a chair.

    "Stop it Yoochun, its not funny," Changmin said rolling his eyes.

    "But it is funny! Come on, just try and imagine it," Yoochun said motioning to Changmin.

    ".... Alright," Changmin said before grinning, "So what were you asking?"

    "After Paris, will you be able to adjust to life in Seoul again." Yoochun reiterated.

    "More important then the city is the adjustment between the two people. If two people are happy together, Seoul or Paris, what's the difference?" Changmin said leaning forward as he spoke and smirking.

    "After marriage will you work? Or would you stay home?" Yoochun asked as Changmin leaned back into a comfortable position.

    "Why? You don't want me to work?" Changmin said looking at him.

    "No, I want you to work, not a past time but serious work, like you," Yoochun replied gesturing to Changmin.

    "Yes, see that is how you should talk to people," Changmin uttered lightly.

    Yoochun ignored him. "What about kids?"


    "Not you, but aren't you supposed to ask me whether or not I love kids?" Yoochun said keeping up with the rapid fire of a conversation they were having.

    "Oh," Changmin said dumbly, "Do you love kids?"

    "Of course, I love them this much," Yoochun said holding his arms apart wide.

    "First I want a daughter, beautiful and intelligent, just like you, I'd make a fine appa," Yoochun said getting mock serious. "And if I find someone like me flirting with her, I will brake his legs."

    "You think that would make you a fine father?" Changmin asked.

    "Look, you would make an awesome mother," Yoochun said leaning forward.

    "Who said I was going to be the woman in this relationship?" Changmin shot back.

    Yoochun ignored him again, "So what if I spoil the kids, what harm will be done,"

    "So I do all the hard work and you have all the fun?" Changmin asked leaning forward his face level with Yoochun's.

    "Look from my point of view it is an awesome marriage," Yoochun said not exactly looking at Changmin, "A puppy would complete the family picture,"

    "And we can call him Mangdongie,"

    "The fish?"


    "Awful name,"

    "OW! Changmin! What was that for?" Yoochun said rubbing his arm, "Fine, we can name him Mangdoongie, but on one condition, you take him out on walks."

    Changmin nodded, his face on the verge of laughter.

    "And I'll only feed him morsels of food from my plate," Yoochun said.

    "So apart from spoiling the kids and Mangdoongie, what else will you do?" Changmin asked.

    "What left is there to be done? We'll live happily ever after," Yoochun said with an air of finality.

    "With the kids, and Mangdoongie," Changmin uttered looking expectant.

    "And of course, you. Sorry," Yoochun said glancing at Changmin.

    "So I come after the kids and Mangdoongie," Changmin stated.

    "Yes," Yoochun said.

    Changmin head swiveled to look at Yoochun, "Mention me after the kids and Mangdoongie and I will hack you into tiny little pieces, and feed you to Mangdoongie,"

    "Okay, okay, sorry," Yoochun's hand went to cup Changmin's face. "No more kids or Mangdoongie,"

    Yoochun leaned a little bit forward, "I will always love you more than anyone else,"

    Changmin's smile dropped as he and Yoochun realized exactly what position they were in and what Yoochun had just said.

    Yoochun pulled away suddenly feeling hot and cold at the same time. Changmin moved back and leaned against the back of the seat.

    Yoochun sat for a second before speaking again, "See, isn't talking about arranged marriages easy?" Yoochun paused, "We almost go married."

    Changmin looked down at the ground as Yoochun turned and looked out the broad window.


    Chung-ah walked over to the door when the doorbell rang.

    "Changmin!" She exclaimed as she ushered him into the house.

    "How are you?" they both asked at the same time, and shared a laugh.

    "You are looking remarkably handsome, I ought to tell you," Chung-ah said smiling and sitting down on the couch, "would you like anything? Coffee, Tea, juice?"

    "No. No, thank you," Changmin replied politely, "I just came from home, you know that Umma never lets me leave with out breakfast,"

    Changmin placed a hand inside his messenger back and pulled something out. "Here, A gift,"

    Chung-ah opened the small pouch to see a simple silver necklace. "Changmin, this wasn't necessary,"

    "No, actually, Yoochun's father sent it to you," Changmin said as he watched Yoochun's mother's face fall and her place the necklace back in the pouch.

    "He's fine," Changmin ventured to break the ugly atmosphere.

    Chung-ah glanced at Changmin through her peripheral vision.

    Yoochun walked in and sat on the back of the couch, "Changmin, I'm the one that makes Umma laugh, and you make Umma upset as soon as you step in,"

    Chung-ah held Yoochun's hand as he wrapped his other hand around her shoulders.

    "Don't fall for what he says," Yoochun said pointing to Changmin.

    "Yoochun," Chung-ah said looking at Yoochun.


    "Shut up," Chung-ah said with a twinkle in her eyes.

    Yoochun's eyes widened as Changmin started to laugh. Chung-ah just messed up Yoochun's hair.


    Changmin stood looking over other people that were taking pictures for a shoot. He desperately wanted to correct a few people on how to take simple pictures.

    Yoochun's phone rang as Changmin looked over at Yoochun.

    "Ah! Junsu, yeah park the car, we're inside," Yoochun said before hanging up.

    "Junsu's coming?" Changmin asked looking slightly displeased, but not enough for Yoochun to notice it.

    "Oh yeah, I forgot to ask you," Yoochun said lightly.

    "But what is Junsu doing here?" Changmin asked suddenly completely displeased.

    "I thought we could have lunch together," Yoochun said as Junsu walked up to them.

    "Hey," Junsu said before looking at Changmin.

    "How was your shopping?" Junsu asked feeling awkward as Changmin started to give him the cold shoulder.

    "It wasn't shopping it was business," Changmin said sharply, "I'm hungry, where are we going for lunch?"

    Yoochun suddenly put a hand up to his forehead, "Oh god, I completely forgot, I have to meet JJ,"

    "Who's this lady now?" Changmin asked.

    "A friend, a guy," Yoochun said before adding, "A very very nice friend."

    "Is this your first lunch date with JJ or what ever her name is?"

    "Lunch, yes, for the first time." Yoochun replied back. "A couple days ago we went out for dinner, so you guys go ahead and have lunch," Running over to his car Yoochun drove off.

    "Yoochun!" Changmin called out only to be ignored.

    Junsu and Changmin looked at each other for a second before shaking their heads.


    The black Lexus sped through traffic, evading motorcyclists and other cars. Changmin sat in the passenger seat, looking at the road.

    "I know a great joint for grilled fish, and lobster," Junsu ventured, only to see that Changmin wasn't really paying attention.

    "Huh?" Changmin turned when he felt eyes on him.

    "I know I good place for grilled fish, would you like to go there?" Junsu said again.

    "I don't like grilled fish," Changmin said looking out the window.

    "Oh, do you want to go somewhere else? Bulgogi or something else?" Junsu tried again.

    "I forgot, my mother cooked lunch today," Changmin said a small awkward smile on his face. "So can you take me home?"

    "Okay, next your place there is a diner, I can go there," Junsu said. They looked at each other before laughing slightly.

    There was a couple of seconds for complete silence before Junsu spoke. "Today is my birthday," (A/N: I changed his birthday... sorry.. XD)

    "Really? Yoochun didn't tell me," Changmin said a full smile now gracing his face.

    "Yoochun must have forgotten," Junsu uttered shaking his head.

    "Really? Yoochun... He is so..." Changmin made a hand movement that looked like crushing someone’s head.

    "Yeah, That’s kind of what he is like." Junsu said. They looked at each other again before laughing.

    Then silence reigned.

    "Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to Junsu, Happy Birthday to you!" Changmin and Yoochun sang at Junsu sat staring at the chocolate cake in front of him with one candle.

    Changmin and Yoochun sat on either side of him in the club room that they were given. Yoochun apparently had friends everywhere.

    Just as Junsu was about to cut the cake Yoochun took the knife and helped him cut the first slice.

    "Strange Junsu, You didn't remind me that it was your birthday," Yoochun said taking the cake slice and placing it on a plate.

    Yoochun flinched violently as he was hit over the head by a man's hand.

    "How dare you, Yoochun, You didn't even invite me."

    "Sorry Jaejoong," Yoochun said before he was hit again.

    "Enough apologizing," Jaejoong said as he sat down in Junsu's spot that he vacated once Jaejoong to sit next to Changmin.

    "You must be Changmin," Jaejoong pointed to Changmin, who nodded looking a bit confused, "Don't ask me how I know you,"

    "And you must be JJ" Junsu said before Changmin could react.

    "And you must be Junsu," Jaejoong said as Yoochun grinned, "Happy Birthday," Jaejoong said shaking hand with Junsu.

    "What? This is a Birthday and there is no Champagne?" Jaejoong said.

    Flagging over a waiter Jaejoong got a bottle of Champagne and popped the cork.

    "To new friends!" Jaejoong said filling up everyone's glasses. Handing them to everyone Jaejoong smiled at Yoochun, "Yoochun I really like your friends,"

    After a few minutes of small talk Jaejoong turned to Junsu as Yoochun and Changmin looked at each other in amusement.

    "Junsu, You never told me what you did." Jaejoong said looking at Junsu.

    "I run a computer business, 'AI computers' we design computer systems and even do things with artificial technology." Junsu replied back enraptured by the way Jaejoong held himself, and spoke, and everything he did.

    "Really? All the computers in my office were sourced from you," Jaejoong said suddenly really happy, "KJJ Entertainment,"

    "Wait, You're Kim Jaejoong?" Junsu asked adjusting slightly when Yoochun reached over an grabbed Changmin's bag for him, "No wonder your voice sounded familiar, We spoke so many times on the phone."

    Changmin looked inside his bag as Yoochun started to talk. "You actually spoke or heard one of the conversations on the phone?" Yoochun said a little bit irritated Junsu managed to steal Jaejoong's attention from him.

    "After so many conversations we actually meet... Amazing" Jaejoong said before taking a drink out of his glass.

    "How amazing," Yoochun said his voice dripping with sarcasm.

    "Yoochun. What a boring song," Changmin said to lighten up the mood that Yoochun was projecting.

    "Awful song," Yoochun answered back.

    "No way, I love this song," Jaejoong grinned.

    "This song was the first song I danced with a girl, with." Junsu said. Changmin sent a smirk to Yoochun in between what seemed to be good friends by now.

    "Come on," Jaejoong said standing up and grabbing Junsu's hand, "Let's dance,"

    Yoochun looked torn, "Let them be, Yoochun," Changmin said smiling.


     Junsu rubbed up against Jaejoong on the dance floor and showed off his dancing skills. Jaejoong's hands were on Junsu's butt and Yoochun couldn't stand to watch. Instead he looked at Changmin, his mouth, his eyes, his nose, the cute way his eyes clinched shut when he took a shot of vodka or soju.

    "Its strange isn't it? No matter how many times they have talked business, they never met. And one chance meeting and they are completely taken by each other." Changmin said as he watched Junsu whisper something into Jaejoong's ear, which caused him to throw his head back in laughter.

    "It is way to fast, who would say it is their first meeting if they are rubbing against each other like that?" Yoochun said refusing to look at Changmin when his eyes slid to look at Yoochun.

    "Yoochun. Shut up" Changmin said before looking back at them.

    "Sometimes it takes one look, sometimes it takes many meetings," Changmin said softly.

    Yoochun turned around and looked at Junsu and Jaejoong and finally smiled.


    The silver band slipped on to his finger. Junsu looked up at Jaejoong's twinkling eyes.

    Yoochun leaned over to Junsu and whispered in his ear, "This is your last chance, no second to last chance, don’t forget." Changmin grabbed Yoochun's hand and pulled him back.

    Junsu's family and Jaejoong's family all clapped and talked amidst the sparkling lights of the very same club that they met.

    Yoochun and Changmin later sat at the bar looking around. "Junsu and Jaejoong," Yoochun said as Changmin' attention was pulled back to Yoochun.


    "Jaejoong and Junsu, they're, you know, so unlike each other, I don't know how they like each other." Yoochun said as Changmin looked at him.

    "Yoochun, haven't you ever heard of the phrase 'Opposites attract'? Its also more widely excepted that if the relationship is more varied then it is better for the relationship." Changmin said fingering the camera as he took pictures. He had taken the wedding pictures as per Jaejoong's request and was no making a scrapbook for them.

    "One partner makes up for the other's flaws; and he makes up for the others shortcomings. Which makes a perfect marriage," Changmin said looking at Yoochun.

    "Wow, Changmin, You should write a book," Yoochun said before getting whacked in the back of the head.

    "Principles of Marriage by Shim Changmin," Yoochun said as Changmin laughed.

    Jaejoong clinked his glass with a knife behind them gaining everyone’s attention. "Attention!"

    Everyone stared as Jaejoong spoke, "Today I'm happy, elated, beyond expression," Jaejoong smiled and wrapped an arm around Junsu. "Guess why?"

    Not waiting for anyone to reply, Jaejoong held up his hand with the silver band on it. "Because today is my engagement,"

    Yoochun and Changmin clapped along with everyone else, and grinned at each other.

    "And the person that help me get together with Junsu here..." Jaejoong slurred the alcohol slightly getting into his system. Yoochun face fell as he spoke. "Is Changmin! Lets all give a round of applause!"

    Changmin stared at Jaejoong in shock; he could hear the cheers distantly.

    "If Changmin liked Junsu, If Junsu liked Changmin, then it would be him here instead of me," Changmin looked down trying to process what Jaejoong was saying in his mind.

    "Yoochun tried his best to make Junsu and Changmin fall in love, then I materialized and got lucky," Jaejoong's pretty voice echoed through the club, as Changmin got up and walked away. Yoochun followed quickly, as Junsu stood looking helplessly.


    Changmin strode into the men restroom just as someone walked out. Holding the door politely he walked in, placing a hand on either side of one of the few sinks that lined the wall.

    Yoochun walked in and closed the door locking it just in case anyone wanted to eavesdrop.

    "Changmin..." Yoochun said walking closer to the silent man.

    "Changmin..." He repeated, placing a hand on Changmin's shoulder only of it to be push away, and him being shoved back violently.

    "How dare you, Yoochun,"


A/N: Okay this way 19 pages... 19 Pages! I'm kinda astounded and surprised. I didn't expect it to be 19 pages... which is kind of bad cause chapters should all remain about the same size, so later I'll go back and correct it. I did this in two days too.. typically it takes me two weeks to post a seven page chapter and last weekend i wrote 19 pages. -dies- I'm going back to studying now.. If it is moving too fast please tell me.

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