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Decode -Part 7- 
29th-Oct-2009 05:58 pm
Title: Decode
Author: asianchik92
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho, Jaejoong/Junsu (later)
Genre: Romance, Light Comedy, Angst (later)
Disclaimer: I got the story line off a Indian Movie but I changed it, and I don't own TVXQ either
A/N: atobekazuki betaed this chapter, thanks. :D

Summary: When a person meets another there is a story, How does ours end? Meeting a person once is chance, Meeting a person twice is lucky, Meeting a person three times is fate, so If you meet a person five times is it love? Yoochun, an aspiring cartoonist, meets Changmin. Personalities clash but what happens when they unknowingly fall in love?


Previous: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6


A breeze blew around them as they walked. Changmin looked at the children playing and the young people talking. Yoochun watched only one thing, Changmin.

    "Elle est une jolie enfant" Changmin said when they passed a child with her mother. The mother smiled.

    "Merci beaucoup" The woman replied back, clearly charmed by the handsome Korean in front of her.

    Yoochun leaned over and spoke in a language he, thankfully, could understand. "Something about me?"

    Changmin shook his head slightly before kneeling down and patting the girls head. "I said that she was a pretty child,"

    "You picked up French fast didn't you?" Yoochun asked after they started to walk again. Changmin smiled before looking down, his bangs shielded his face from Yoochun's gaze.

    "You have to know the language of where you live," Changmin said simply.

    Yoochun smiled, "I seem to make do with Korean where ever in the world I go, You see those kids over there?" He pointed bringing Changmin's attention over to a group of four-five kids on the swings.

    "I bet I can make them learn one word of Korean, So if I can't teach them some Korean, you can change my name to something French," Yoochun continued daring Changmin.

    Changmin nodded and smirked, Yoochun just stared, Changmin looked, for a second... Yoochun counldn't even put words together to tell specifically how Changmin looked, but HOT was one of them.

    "But if I win," Yoochun said looking up into Changmin's brown eyes. "You have to do what I want."

    "And what is that?" Changmin asked looking straight into Yoochun's eyes unflinchingly.

    Yoochun grinned and started to walk away as Changmin stood unmoving on the sidewalk. The way Yoochun grinned was so...beautiful, to say the least.

    "Annyeong haseyo" Changmin heard Yoochun say.

    "..." There was almost no sound, Changmin was waiting for all the kids to start screaming and running for their mothers.

    "Ann-Yong?" One of the kids ventured out a guess for what to say. Yoochun's face bloomed with happiness.

    "It means 'Hi'" Yoochun said enthusiastically.

    "Annyong Heyseyyo?" The boy tried again.

    "We'll just keep it at Annyeong" Yoochun said smiling. Changmin felt as if he was looking at another sun.

    Changmin laughed after Yoochun's fifth attempt to teach the kids proper pronunciation.

    "You win," Changmin said before Yoochun would hurt himself trying to them correctly.


    Days flew by. Yoochun was with Changmin almost every single one of them. Making fun of Changmin, teasing him, making him smile. Playing with his camera before running away as Changmin ran over fuming and checking for damage. Fiddling with the lights to accent the wrong body parts, or the wrong people, specifically a certain photographer. Everyday Yoochun stayed with Changmin, the sky seemed to get brighter, the wind got sweeter, and the Eiffel Tower became even more romantic.


    A duffle bag and a suitcase were thrown outside of the door. Yoochun jumped back to avoid getting hit. "What are you doing?" Yoochun asked looking at his father as if he had gone crazy, "My bags!"

    His father stood in the door frame, seething, "I don't run a hotel, Thank you very much, If your going to live with me you have to socialize with me! And plus since you are only with Changmin just go find somewhere else, like his place!" Yoochun's father closed the door promptly before standing against it and letting out a relieved sigh, while Yoochun panicked and picked up his bags.

    "Out! You're not going to stay with me, you insolent child!" Yoochun's father yelled out through the door. Thank god his face wasn't in front of the door, or else Yoochun would know he was being set up.

    "Dad! These dramatics don't suit you, open the door!" Yoochun said through the door.

    "Spending so much time with one person doesn't suit you either," Yoochun's father said covering his grin with his hands, "By the way, is it serious?"

    "Dad, seriously this is an awkward monologue with the door, open the door so I don't look as weird," Yoochun said looking through the screen at the back of his father's head.

    "On one condition: You introduce me to Changmin," His father said pouting like a small child. It had been weeks and Yoochun never seemed  to be far from this ‘Changmin’ he had never met.

    "Changmin invited us to lunch tomorrow," Yoochun said scratching the back of his head.

    "What? Really?" His father replied back, turning around and looking at his son. Yoochun nodded, "Now can I come back in?"

    "Yeah, come on," His father said backing up from the door, and motioning for him to come in.

    Yoochun looked at him weirdly, before turning the doorknob. The door swung open unhindered.

    "The door was open," Yoochun said flatly, standing in the doorframe.

    "What you think I'm a bad father, that locks his son out in the cold?" His father said, switching spots with Yoochun to get the bags that were sitting neatly at the front of the porch. Yoochun nodded before grabbing hold of the door.

    "No, but I'm a bad child." Yoochun said simply. His father got up and reached the door just as Yoochun closed and locked it. Yoochun promptly ran away.

    Yoochun's father looked hopelessly at the empty hallway. Turning, he saw a young lady coming towards him.

    "Excuse me, is Park Yoochun here?" Yoochun's father smiled.

    "No but his father is," He held out a hand and kissed it. "Nice to meet you."

    "Nice to meet you too, I'm Nicole," Yoochun's father grinned.


    "Welcome, come in, come in," Hana said ushering both Yoochun and his father into the house. Changmin stood a bit farther away before bowing briefly.

    "Ah, so your Yoochun's Appa," Hana said laughing slightly.

    "Appa?" Yoochun's father said questioningly.

    "Dad." Hana said quickly laughing off the awkwardness. Yoochun felt like he was meeting the parents of one of his girlfriends–bad experiences.

    "Flowers, for one of the prettiest Korean women out there." Yoochun said handing a bouquet to Hana. She smiled, "So sweet of you,"

    "I wish I carried those flowers now," Yoochun's father said, Yoochun and Changmin had to turn away from the amount of grease and cheese that came off that line.


    Yoochun pulled out a bowl of food from the oven for Hana, as she stood wiping her hands with a towel.

    "So you took after your father?" She said looking at him critically. "Yoochun-ah, I want to see Changmin married again,"

    "You should talk to my mother," Yoochun said smiling, Hana glanced sharply at Yoochun, "To organize it an all."

    "Silly, I didn't mean that," Hana said looking intently on Yoochun.

    "You're not talking about me are you?" Yoochun said trying to keep a smile on his face.

    "I love my son so much," Yoochun's smile melted off his face. "Would I ever want him to marry someone like you?" Hana said quickly as she saw the smile disappear.

    "Thank god," Yoochun said smiling. "I was scared."

    "Life is meant to be lived at the fullest," Hana paused and Yoochun stayed silent, "I know what loneliness feels like, at least I had Changmin," Her voice grew softer as she spoke. "After I'm gone, who will be there for Changmin?" She asked, the question laid heavily in the air.

    "Everyone of us need someone, for company, love, support," Hana said wishing that Changmin would get married. "But Yoochun-ah, I have a feeling that Changmin won't agree," Yoochun looked into her eyes, watery. "Thats why he is living here, but whom will she find here? But if we can find a nice person, I think it would work out."

    Yoochun looked at her before speaking, "So basically, you want a person who is conservative, homely, slightly funny..."

    "Yes, because interesting boys like you, never make for good husbands."

    "Thanks Hana-shii,"


    Changmin turned the kabob that was grilling on the grill. Yoochun's father had a camera.

    "Wait! Hold it right there! Smile!" Changmin froze and smiled, he had never been on the receiving end of the photographer's demand, he was always the one give it.  Yoochun's father held the camera up took a picture, moved the camera and set it down with an audible sigh.

    "Something happen, Park-shii?" Changmin said softly.

    "Nothing, I just–I just remembered someone," Yoochun's father said looking at the ground, "I met her years ago, She was beautiful, I beauty I could never capture on my camera." Changmin's mind wandered to the picture he had, of Yoochun that he took recently. "Nor in my life," Yoochun's father said sadly.

    "I shouldn't be asking..." Changmin started.

    "Then don't," Yoochun's father fired back, grinning. "Got you~" he sang, and Changmin suddenly knew where Yoochun got his charm from.

    "Come in, I'll tell you," He said wrapping an arm around Changmin's shoulders.


    Pouring a glass of wine, Yoochun's father started to narrate.

    "I was just back from London, after my photography course, then I met Chung-ah." He took a sip out of the glass and handed another glass to Changmin.

    "Chung-ah's world was completely different then mine, a simple girl with a strong mind. That was the quality that set her apart in my world, you might conquer the world, but you want to come home to a girl like this." His deep voice echoed melodically around the small parlor.

    "We married, to make each other happy, initially we made our promises and compromised. Like 'who-is-she, where-did-you-go', Maybe I was not prepared for marriage. Afterwards, questions that had never been raised started to crop up,"

    Changmin walked around the dining table and pulled out a chair for Yoochun's father, before sitting himself.

    "I guess I was not ready for marriage, with time there was more work, more fights," He paused taking a sip again. "And in a fit of rage, I took a six month project in America. She asked no question, I gave no answer." Changmin had hands clasped together in his lap and continued to listen intently.

    "For six months, I waited. I waited for her call for six months, maybe she was waiting for mine," He let out an exasperated laugh. "Then six months became a year, and a year became ages." He looked down at his hands.

    Yoochun's father turned to Changmin, "But there is a reason why I'm grateful to her, She never let Yoochun feel the distance between us," Changmin's eyes slid up above Yoochun's father's head to see Yoochun standing there, listening not saying anything, though he was sure he would say something soon.

    "I don't know why I'm telling you this," Yoochun's father's eyes slid around the room, "... I haven't even confided in myself about it."

    A soft deep voice blew through the room warming Changmin up. "Yeah, Neither to me," Yoochun said before walking out of the room. "I wish you tried," He said when he reached the doorframe.

    Yoochun's father looked at Changmin then to Yoochun and followed him quickly.


    Yoochun stood outside, the cold breeze freezing his bones and muscles, feeling amazingly good.

    "So you haven't been able to forgive me," Yoochun's father uttered, breaking the silence.

    "I forgave you a long time," Yoochun said softly, thankful for the cold air again, "but I never got over what you did,"

    "I’m sorry," Yoochun father said softly placing a hand on Yoochun's shoulder. "So very sorry," He uttered pulling Yoochun in to a hug, pulling away and wiping tear track that were visible on his cheeks Yoochun spoke.

    "I think you should say sorry to someone else too." Changmin followed his eyes flicking to Yoochun as he spoke, he wanted to take a picture of those tears, on the porcelain skin, but Yoochun's father was right, you can never capture a true beauty on film.


    "I'm sorry Changmin, You must think I'm an evil old man,"

    "No... No one is evil, Evil is times that befall them." Changmin said remember the last time he had a heart to heart conversation with anyone.

    "Are you saying I've fallen into evil times?" Yoochun's father joked.

    Changmin smiled and Yoochun laughed as Hana walked over to them. "There you are! Come in, I don't want to serve a spoiled lunch."

    "Yes, yes," Yoochun's father said following her inside. Changmin motioned to Yoochun to go ahead of him, but Yoochun laughed slightly and motioned Changmin to go first. Smiling Changmin walked ahead of Yoochun before getting tugged back by a hand around his wrist. Changmin looked into Yoochun's eyes, "Out there is a lot colder then Seoul. I could never bring this topic up with my dad, so...Thanks Changmin,"

    "Its okay Yoochun," Changmin made to turn away before Yoochun got his attention again.

    "Oh, and If you tell anyone I cried, I will kill you," Yoochun said in all seriousness. Changmin nodded not exactly believing it. "No I'm serious," Changmin nodded again grinning.


    "Thank you so much for the lunch," Yoochun's father said opening the door of Changmin's house.

    "Yes Thank you," Yoochun reiterated. Stepping outside of the house Changmin placed a hand on the wall.

    "Excuse me, Is Yoochun there?" The same young woman from before approached Yoochun's father.


    "Yeah, yeah coming." Yoochun said stepping down the two steps, and approaching the girl.

    "Nicole," Yoochun kissed both of her cheeks. "Are you ready to go?" Nicole asked. Changmin stood on the first step with an incredulous look on his face.

    "Who's this girl? No wait how's this girl?" Changmin said in Korean.

    "What did he say?" Nicole asked completely clueless of the words Changmin jut spoke.

    "He just said, he liked your dog–fur–animal..." Yoochun said trying to save his butt and pointing to the coat she was carrying.

    "Have fun," Changmin said in English looking at Yoochun and almost laughing,

    "Thank you I will." Yoochun said looking away from him.

    "Your incorrigible," Hana said in Korean, laughing at him.

    Bowing to Hana, waving to his father and yelling 'Bye Changmin' across the road, Yoochun was gone.

    "I wonder what her mother is like," Yoochun's father said lightly.

    "... What?!"

    Yoochun's father promptly ran away.

    "Changmin, both father and son are exactly alike. They are hopeless,"

    "Umma..." Changmin started.

    "What? There is no hope."


A/N: Wow, I really can't believe I'm on the seveth chapter already. it think it is going to be done in 12 but that is just a guess... I'm posting this instead of studying, which i should probably do.. :D but I don't wanna... XD

This Chapter was really serious and told the story behind Yoochun's mother and father, which is the classic case of misunderstanding and just growing diistant. Personally Yoochun father and Changmin's mother are my favorrite characters.. :D they're so much fun to write..

And as always: Comments, Critic, Random Babblings all appreciated.
29th-Oct-2009 11:17 pm (UTC)
spot ♥
29th-Oct-2009 11:19 pm (UTC)
spots all yours :D
30th-Oct-2009 12:13 am (UTC)
yeiii new chapter and im first :D
who is nicole?
30th-Oct-2009 12:14 am (UTC)
im second
30th-Oct-2009 01:41 am (UTC)
"second the best"? i just got that in my head.. "1st is the worst 2nd is the best, 3rd is the one with the treasure chest"...XD

30th-Oct-2009 01:39 am (UTC)
nicole is a random person that i thought might need a name...

31st-Oct-2009 12:56 pm (UTC)
i love it when you update this, it becomes one of those things i look forward to ^^
31st-Oct-2009 07:07 pm (UTC)
oh thank you! im flattered.. :D ill update soon!
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