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Decode -Part 6- 
11th-Oct-2009 05:56 pm
Title: Decode
Author: asianchik92
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho, Jaejoong/Junsu (later)
Genre: Romance, Light Comedy, Angst (later)
Disclaimer: I got the story line off a Indian Movie but I changed it a lot, and I don't own TVXQ either
A/N: atobekazuki betaed this chapter

Summary: When a person meets another there is a story, How does ours end? Meeting a person once is chance, Meeting a person twice is lucky, Meeting a person three times is fate, so If you meet a person five times is it love? Yoochun, an aspiring cartoonist, meets Changmin. Personalities clash but what happens when they unknowingly fall in love?


Previous: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5


Part 6

"Yunho is no longer part of my life"


3 years later - Paris, France

    The Eiffel Tower stood out against the blue sky that lacked any clouds. People moved about and lounged in the sunlight. It was a Saturday after all, no work, no school 'meaning all the women and men are out shopping or doing something else' Yoochun thought. This was by far the best part about Paris, the amount of PDA that was accepted.
    Poking at his food, Yoochun was deep in thought. About one man, how was it that this one man makes him want to reach out and hold him.

    "Yunho is no longer part of my life." What did he mean by that. Yoochun's father sat next to him scarfing through his salad that he was forcing himself to eat.

    "That is a sandwich" Yoochun's father said pointing at the food sitting in front of Yoochun, "It is meant to be eaten, not ogled at."

    "Should I call him dad?" Yoochun said looking suddenly nervous.

    "Certainly not, wait until next summer."

    "But I want to talk to him, I want to know what happened to him. He isn't the same old Changmin, I mean he doesn't really have a nice impression of me, I hope he doesn't get mad at me." Yoochun said completely ignoring his father. He thoughts flowed freely through his mouth.

    "If you wish to do something good, then go do it, don't hesitate." Yoochun's father said reaching for his cellphone. "Here" He handed the phone to his son. "Call him and find out, be a man, nothing bad can happen."

    Yoochun held the phone delicately between his hands. Dialing the number he got up and walked away from the table,

    "Hey! Who's going to eat your food? Your Father?" He paused before smiling, "Not a bad idea, who needs to diet anyway."


    "Hello, Can I speak to Changmin?" Yoochun said hesitantly over the small cellphone in his hands.

    "Who's calling? I haven't heard Korean in ages," The lady on the other line said starting to get excited.

    "Hana-shii!" Yoochun said recognizing the voice.

    "Hana? How do you know me? Who are you? How did you get my number?" Changmin's mother said rambling.

    "Ahjumma! It's me, Park Yoochun, Park Yuji's son..." Yoochun replied trying to jog her memory.

    "Really? Is it you?" she started to yell, as if he was calling from Korea. "Where are you?"

    Yoochun yanked the phone away from his ear. "Hana-shii, I'm in Paris right now! No need to yell" Yoochun yelled back keeping the phone a foot away from his ear.

    "Shut up, I'm tired of talking in hushed tones, Stupid language, they always seem to be talking in hushed tones, as if they are conspiring something." Hana fired back at Yoochun. "So are you going to come see us?"

    "If I had your address, I would come over Ahjumma." Yoochun said smiling slightly.

    "Oh, Address? You know how words here sound, all nasally, You know I only went to school up till the end of high school and that was it. So I can manage English, but this language, French. They never speak what they write. It sounds more like gargling." Changmin's mother continued to ramble.

    Yoochun resisted the urge to starting laughing, and realized where Changmin got his wit from. "Okay Hana-shii, Can I have the address?"

    Hana's face fell, "Okay, okay, I'll give it a try... Here write it down. It is 335 Madeleine Street, It is the house with the red door, I can't manage the name of the house, but you'll be able to find it right?"


    Yoochun walked down Madeleine Street, looking at the colors of the doors, only to realize that every three houses were painted red. Sighing he looked at the numbers.

    345, 343, 339, 337... 335.

    Ringing the door knob Yoochun stood in front of the door, on the other side he heard a flurry of activity before silence and the door opened.

    Getting led inside, Yoochun was basically thrown into the family room of the two level condo. Pictures lined the walls, most of them on Changmin, and his mother. There was only two pictures of Yunho, a beautiful black and white picture of just him.


    Hana set the coffee down on the table, the steam twirled in the air before wafting into nothing.

    The coffee remained untouched as she began to talk.

    "Sometimes, things happen in life, things that make you start to question your faith," She glanced at Yoochun who looked at the floor.

    "Did Yunho, or Changmin hurt anything, or anyone? I don't know, but it was a little after their first anniversary, Like everyday, Yunho left for work, Some college student jumped a red light, just for the heck of it." The rest didn't need to be said, Yoochun's mind pictured the almost grotesque scene.

    "He was proclaimed dead at the scene." Changmin's mother continued. Yoochun's heart stopped,

    "Changmin, after that, changed. A shell of what he once was. I remember when there was a time he would be snarky, to say the least. But now sometimes I don't even notice when he is in the same room as me. Silent, withdrawn, and mourning for the last two years, I think it is enough, Yoochun why don't you try." Yoochun looked up, his eyes meeting Hana's, which immediately he knew was a mistake. The look in her eyes made him want to help Changmin.

    "Help him get married again, and to be happy with a man or woman." Yoochun looked at her and nodded before looking down again. Yoochun's mouth opened a closed, no sound came out.

    "In one moment, Changmin's life changed. It used to be that every time he would come home he would became the light of my life. Now he has become so quiet, sometimes I don't even realize he is in the same room." Hana remember times when Changmin sat on the couch, holding his coffee, which had long gone cold, and he would stare into the blackness of the tv.

    "He left America, and Korea, and now he's here, where he knows no one and no one knows him. I think he wants to get lost in the crowd, and just take pictures of other people's happiness." Hana looked at the coffee on the table, the swirling tendrils of steam were long gone, forgotten by the story at hand.

    "Now I think Changmin has lost himself" Hana's eyes started to tear up as her voice started to choke up, reaching up she brushed a stray tear that slide down her cheek. "My Changmin used to live life on his own terms; now in life's hands he suffers from defeat." Hana's looked out the window and away from Yoochun, who sat in silence.


    Changmin stepped out of the white building that held his studio. His camera in his bag, he looked up to see snow falling, making the Paris streets look like a winter wonderland. Pulling his scarf off to redo it it flew from his hands by a particularly strong gust of wind. Changmin reached for it as it flew away down the sidewalk, before it hit a person wearing a long beige trench-coat.

    Catching the scarf before it flew off of him, the man kept his head down to block some of the snow and walked towards Changmin. Handing it to him, the man looked up.

    Changmin looked at him, his mind trying to figure out why this man kept of following him. "Yoochun," Changmin said as Yoochun started to speak.

    "I saw your mother," Yoochun uttered turning around to walk with Changmin.

    Changmin nodded and and both of them walked silently down the street away from Changmin's studio.

    Walking on to a bridge covered in snow, Yoochun started to speak. His voice lower than normal, respective to the fact he was trying to sound more serious.

    "Changmin, in life, how often... Sometimes whatever happens to us..." Yoochun tried but stopped, Changmin just continued to walk as Yoochun struggled with his words. "God, What am I saying?" Yoochun asked himself.

    Giving up, Yoochun walked in silence, Changmin glanced at him just as Yoochun looked over, They didn't say anything, or do anything except keep on walking.

    They walked down a familiar street and Yoochun spoke once more, "Here Your house... You couldn't even say how you liked the conversation," Yoochun said with a small laugh at the end. Changmin smiled.

    Changmin walked forward toward the front door. before turning and facing Yoochun. "Thank you, Yoochun."

    "What for?"

    "For what you're trying to say," Yoochun looked down at his snow covered shoes.

    "Bye Yoochun," Changmin said, smiling and turned around opening the door.

    Yoochun turned around and started to walk back to his father's apartment, just when Changmin looked at him from behind, his face something like hopefulness and adoration. But Yoochun continued to walk away missing the glance altogether.


    Changmin sat in the plush couch in front of the tv with his mother watching an old Korean movie. Turning the page of his book he heard the phone start to ring.

    It rang once, twice, thrice. "Umma!" Changmin said forcibly. Hana reached over and picked up the putting most of her attention into the movie.

    "Hello?" Hana listened for a second, "One moment, Your phone," She said, her eyes glued to the tv.

    "Hello?" Changmin said.

    "There is a problem," said a distinctly deep Korean voice. "I grasp neither the language nor the cuisine and this tour guide book just gets me more confused, I end up eating something I never ordered, so would you like to go to lunch tomorrow?"

    Changmin looked every where but his mother, "Sorry Yoochun, Not lunch, I'm busy tomorrow." Yoochun on the other end looked disappointed.

    "Are you sure?"

    "Yes, Yoochun, I'm sorry, bye." Changmin put down the phone after he heard the dial tone.

    Looking at his mother to hand her back the phone, she looked at him and started to speak with motherly scolding. "He only asked you for lunch, You could've said dinner. All day you sit in the house, you can do well with a trip outside the door to somewhere other than your studio, What a life, home-studio-home-studio."


    "What? I'm only watching my favorite movie, with the hottest actor ever," She said before breaking out laughing as Changmin reached for the remote laughing.


    Yoochun stood in the elevator watching as the number continued to get larger. Shifting one of the bags in his hand he started to hum a song he was working on as a hobby.

    The elevator dinged and opened. Yoochun stepped out in an entire apartment office, that had a desk to the left, and closed off room behind it, and photo equipment to his right.

    Sitting at the desk, with his long hair framing his face, and glasses perched on his nose, was Changmin, He was going through a folder of pictures while his models were taking a brake. It was clear that even the models were attracted to Changmin since both of them pointed everynow and then and started giggling when Changmin glanced at them.

    Yoochun chuckled softly, Changmin hadn't notice he had come in. Placing one of the bags on the chair in front of Changmin's desk, Changmin looked up.

    "Hey, Finding a good Japanese restaurant was tough. You have no idea, I went to three just to find something that I actually liked." Yoochun said, Changmin's face was slightly in shock. Looking at him, Changmin leaned over to look at the models who seemed to be writing fanfiction by now of him and Yoochun.

    "You said you were busy, so I brought lunch to you," Yoochun looked at the models for a moment, "Would you like anything?"

    "N-No, we're actually on a diet, but we're going to go get our lunch now," A model said turning a bright red color. Both of them put on a jacket and took the elevator. The moment the elevator doors closed, Yoochun turned back to Changmin, handing him a pair of chopsticks.

    Changmin stared at the chopsticks, "Why are you doing this Yoochun? Is this the way your trying to express sympathy to me? This is the reason why I didn't return to Seoul after Yunho died. I hate seeing people pitying me." Changmin said standing up leaving the chopsticks in Yoochun's hand there.

    Yoochun shrugged, holding out the bill to him, "Food receipt, 32 Euros, Your share is 16 Euros, remember? Fifty-Fifty." Changmin's eyes softened for a second before taking the bill.

    Yoochun grinned, "Now can we eat? I'm really starving." Changmin nodded hesitantly, before taking the chopsticks that Yoochun had placed on the desk, and sat down.

    "How did you know that I like Japanese food?" Changmin said as the steaming soba noodles sat in front of him, and tempura sat in between the two of them.

    "I didn't know, I got it cause I like Japanese food." Yoochun said happily.

    "Oh, I didn't know we were having lunch," A woman's voice called out from behind the screen. Changmin looked like he was about to get up before Yoochun hurriedly got up and placed a hand on Changmin's shoulder.

    "Eat in peace, I'll deal with her." Yoochun said walking to the other side of the office and helping the assistant photographer out from all the wires.

    Changmin chuckled softly and broke his chopsticks.


(A/N): Phew! wow i think this had the most words out of all of the chapters so far... and I didn't realise that junior year in high school could be this hard... so I'm going to try and update quickly.... but my classes are out to kill me... :D

But this Chapter was I think one of my more favorite, cause... well i don't really know why.. XD

As always, Comments! Critic! Random Babblings! all appreciated!
12th-Oct-2009 02:15 am (UTC)

i felt love!!!!!!!
12th-Oct-2009 03:06 am (UTC)
i felt warm fuzzies when i wrote this too... :D I love this couple...

Thanks for commenting!
12th-Oct-2009 03:20 am (UTC)
this was wonderful.
i loved it ♥
12th-Oct-2009 04:42 am (UTC)
thank you!

and thank you for commenting!
12th-Oct-2009 09:06 am (UTC)
I love it. maybe this time, chun would realize the need to be serious in a relationship and min might give himself another chance towards happiness. seems like there's hope that the two of them may end up together after all.
12th-Oct-2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
hopefully! min should be happy, and so should yoochun.... ((though i don't think you'll particularly like yoochun in the comming chapters... :D))
12th-Oct-2009 07:32 pm (UTC)
(have to admit I've been a silent reader)
but I really like this series! and I think it's my favourite chapter so far too ♥ ^^

though: "For what your (you're) trying to say", I might be a bit of a grammar freak, but stuff like that really disturb me during reading
12th-Oct-2009 11:27 pm (UTC)
:3 thank you!!!

Oh thank you! I didn't even notice that... grammar freaks are my worst enemy... they find everything little thing i do wrong... :D but hey it is all good XD
13th-Oct-2009 02:50 am (UTC)
you take a long long time to update
13th-Oct-2009 09:07 am (UTC)
sorry... i have school... and its out to kill me... ><

-hides- I know i killed yunho... T.T b-but he was the only one that fit the character... TT.TT

(overuse of periods.. woohoo!! XD)
26th-Oct-2009 04:51 am (UTC)
hope to read the next chapter soon..
love you stories...! ^^
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