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Decode -Part 5- 
12th-Sep-2009 11:45 pm
Title: Decode
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho, Jaejoong/Junsu (later)
Genre: Romance, Light Comedy, Angst (later)
Disclaimer: I got the story line off a Indian Movie but I changed it a lot, and I don't own TVXQ either
A/N:whitefoxbunsandatobekazukiare angels.... since they had to go through  an edit my horrible writing..... :)

Summary: When a person meets another there is a story, How does ours end? Meeting a person once is chance, Meeting a person twice is lucky, Meeting a person three times is fate, so If you meet a person five times is it love? Yoochun, an aspiring cartoonist, meets Changmin. Personalities clash but what happens when they unknowingly fall in love?


Previous: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


Part 5

3 years later - Seoul, South Korea

    The marriage was over. Changmin smiled as he looked around at his family. His mother stood crying softly, and Yunho was quietly standing behind him. Yoochun stood slightly to the side, watching the exchanges between Changmin, Changmin’s friends, and Hana-shii. Smiling tenderly, Changmin watched as he gave hugs to everyone and looked back at Yunho with wet eyes.

    "I wish dad was here to see this." Changmin said softly. Yunho then reached out and pulled Changmin to his chest.

    "Changmin... Don't worry, I bet he is feeling very happy for you right now." Changmin smiled and wrapped his arm around Yunho's waist.

    Hana wrapped an arm around Changmin, pulled him from Yunho's grasp and hugged him tightly.

    "You take care of him." She said to Yunho through teary eyes. "The house is going to be fine, Changmin. Yoochun took care of everything." She continued; answering the unasked question.

    "Yoochun?" Changmin asked. His eyes turned to where Yoochun was; He placed a bag on the cart for a cute man.

    Yoochun was flirting with another man.


    "You live in Chung-nam? I do too!" Yoochun said smiling.

    The other man murmured something before Yoochun spoke again. "Actually I lied. I live in the heart of Seoul, but now that we have met we should get together sometime.”
    The other man walked away smiling.

    "It's no use," A voice sounded from behind Yoochun. Yunho stood behind him, smiling slightly.

    "What?" Yoochun said; asking again to see if he had heard right.

    "It's no use. You'll take him out and then splurge on him, and when you drop him off, you'll hope that he will invite you in for coffee... or something along those lines." Yunho paused before talking again. "He won't."

    "How do you know?" Yoochun asked narrowing his eyes in confusion. Yunho pointed behind him. He turned to see the same man he was just talking to leaning up to kiss another man on the lips.

    "Oh." Yoochun said turning back to face Yunho, who was grinning and shrugging his shoulders with a chuckle.

    "Don't worry. Even I did my bit of flirting with everyone. My success rate wasn't a hundred percent." Yunho said; his smile dulling.

    Yoochun looked at him with something a kin to shock.

    "There was time I was left outside thirsting for coffee; you think I'm not like you? In some ways I'm not. You have enough girls and men to last you a lifetime right? I have one, and that is more than enough for me." Yunho said smiling and looking over at Changmin who was talking to another one of his friends. "Don't worry. Changmin didn't make the wrong decision. There wasn’t any such scene where I suddenly realized ‘Oh Shit, I’m in love with Changmin.’”

    Yunho looked out toward Changmin again with a soft smile that reached his eyes." Yoochun, we need these people that we love, more than they need us, and somewhere inside all of us, there's a kid that refuses to grow up. No matter how feeble Changmin might seems at times in here…” He pointed to his chest, right where an organ pumped and kept him alive "We are far weaker."

    Yoochun smiled and shifted on his feet. It seemed a bit off for him to be talking to Changmin's husband out of all people.

    "You might not understand this now. But the day you find your Changmin, you'll know." Yoochun swallowed looking at Yunho in the eyes.

    Holding out his hand, Yunho smiled as they shook each other's hands. "Take care." Yunho said softly before turning and starting to walk back to the other standing there.

    Changmin stood by his mother as Yunho walked over to him. Latching an arm around Yunho’s, they walked toward the gate. Turning slightly he looked back at Yoochun, who smiled and waved.

    He waved back awkwardly and turned around. And they both walked off in opposite directions.

3 years later – Paris, France

    Yoochun took a deep breath and looked down at the people scurrying around on the first floor. Looking at the time, he sighed. "Dad, will you ever come on time?" Yoochun asked himself.

    Walking over to a small pub in the building, he ordered a beer before hearing the piano starting to play. Looking over he smiled and looked back at the bartender. "And one cognac" The bartender nodded and gave both to him, as the person at the piano started to play.

    Music spilled out from the pub drawing people in, making Yoochun smile. A deep voice echoed through the pub. The song was in Korean but Yoochun could tell that the man had practiced. Walking over and placing the cognac in the man's hand, he took over the piano. The man placed a hand on Yoochun's shoulders.

    "How is my son doing? I haven't heard from him lately." The man said his eyes glinting in mischief.

    "I don't know. The last time I saw him was when he was waiting for his father, who happened to be 30 minutes late and didn't bother to call and tell him he was flirting with women in a pub." Yoochun said as he kept playing the piano.

    The man laughed, and pulled Yoochun's hands off the piano. "Come on, let’s go to my apartment."

    "Sure dad, let’s just wait half-an-hour. There is this cute woman in the corner..." Yoochun said before getting a prompt hit in the back on the head.

    "Okay, okay, Let’s go."


    "Wow! Dad! Front page of Vogue!" Yoochun said as he looked at the front of the magazine and at the 15-page spread his father had done for the magazine.

    "It isn't bad, is it?" Yoochun's dad said as he drove through the streets of Paris.

    "No, not at all, they look stunning." Yoochun said as he continued to flip through the pages.

    "Well your father isn't an internationally acclaimed photographer for nothing." His father said smiling.

    "Can I have her phone number?" Yoochun said pointing to the woman on the front cover.

    Sharing a good laugh, Yoochun started to ask questions that he really wanted to know.

    "Dad, England, America, Japan, and now Paris don't you get tired shifting base every two years?" Yoochun asked as the wind blew his hair all over the place.

    "What’s tiring about it?" His father said, as Yoochun looked out from the windshield his face expressing no emotion. "I have an exciting job. I did London, Milan, New York, and Now Paris."

    "Who are you running from?" Yoochun asked looking at him.

    "Your mother." His father replied back very quickly. "Okay, okay, joking" He said when Yoochun turned away looking exasperated. "I won't talk ill of your mother in front of you."

    "Dad! Not even behind my back." Yoochun said smiling, knowing that his father was completely joking.

    "A man has a right to live his life, right?" Yoochun father said looking for an agreement with Yoochun; who nodded.

    "If not my wife, who do I criticize? My neighbor’s wife?" His father said as they passed the L'Arc de Triomphe

    "So you don't miss mom after all these years? And you still consider her as your wife?" Yoochun asked as his father stayed silent with a smile on his face.


    Yoochun walked in following his father closely. As he set his bag down he looked around. "Nice place dad."

    "Your room is over there." He said pointing over to another room on the right. Yoochun nodded and looked out the window. The house was spacious and clean, something he didn't expect. He expected pictures and pictures of his mother and bottles and bottles of beer to litter the coffee table. But no, the house was immaculately kept.

    Taking a glance at the pictures that lined the wall, he saw one frame holding three pictures.

    "Nice pictures dad." Yoochun said. The pictures were of his mother, each in different poses and on different days. Next to them were pictures of Yoochun and his arm around Junsu. That was a lifetime ago.

    "Thank. Those were part of last years art exhibition." His father replied before walking over to the kitchen for water. "Want anything? Snacks?"

    "Yes, please" Yoochun called out and looked around the spacious interior. Before leaning over and smiling slightly. "Your wife is fine, dad"

    "Did I ask?" His father said putting a small pan in the stove.

    "Not in so many words," Yoochun said, as he peeled off his jacket.


    The train tracks that rumbled underneath him almost resembled the feel back home, in Korea when he rode the train to go to his halmoni's house out in the country. Holding a sketchbook on his knees, he attempted to draw on a stable surface.

    Drawing a boy and a girl, he smiled. You and Me.

    A walking vendor made her way down the aisle toward Yoochun, who was engrossed in his drawing.

    "Bonjour monsieur, voulez-vous quelque chose? Cafe ou the...?" Yoochun stared at the woman in front of him for a good second before realizing that she had spoken in French.

    "Non, Merci" The vendor moved on while Yoochun went back to his sketching paper. Vaguely he heard the lady moved onto the person sitting a couple seats in front of him.

    "One coffee, with very little sugar, brown sugar and... about two spoons of milk."

    Yoochun looked up from his sketchbook and remembered the smooth voice that he had heard before.

    Getting up to look at the person who had just ordered coffee, he closed his sketchbook. Looking down on the person, Yoochun broke into a grin. Making his way to the seat next to the person he sat down.

    "Like I said life is a long time… We keep meeting." Yoochun said to the person sitting next to him who was reading a book.

    "Yoochun?" The man said softly, his voice had changed slightly, becoming more mature, but Yoochun didn't really notice it.

    "Hi Changmin."

    Right as Changmin was about to reply a crash was heard a little bit down the aisle, where the vendor-lady had dropped all her drinks. Looking back at each other, Changmin smiled. The smile seemed softer, yet not as happy as before.

    "That was bound to happen." Yoochun said, Changmin looked at him with a questioning glance. "Oh come on, how could you forget? Every time we meet something like this happens."

    "You haven't changed a bit, Yoochun." Changmin said the smile from before was still there.

    "What are you doing here in Paris?" Yoochun said, trying to keep the conversation going.

    "I run a fashion photography studio, not that big but big enough that I don't need another job." Changmin said, his voice wasn't as happy as before, but as usual Yoochun was completely oblivious.

    "What are you doing here?" Changmin asked, his brown eyes looking at him.

    "Pursuing the love between Me and You," Changmin raised an eyebrow.

    "Not ‘Me and You’ but my comic book. You wouldn't believe it! The whole country loves the comic book. My publishers are making me write a novel about them falling in love." Changmin placed his empty coffee cup on the table, and as Yoochun spoke, grabbed his coat. "And since Paris is the most romantic city in the world–" Changmin got up and Yoochun kept rambling "Is it so bad that you have to leave?"

    Changmin chuckled a bit before speaking. "No, my station is coming up." Yoochun looked out the window. Lo and behold they were pulling into another station. "All the best on your novel" Changmin said softly before walking toward the door of the train.

    Changmin walked out the door and stepped over the safety steps, "Changmin!" Changmin turned around slightly so his profile was shown to Yoochun. "Say hi to Yunho for me." Yoochun said smiling. Changmin looked forward away from the train.

    There was a pause before Changmin spoke.

    "Yunho is no longer part of my life"

    With that, the door slid shut in Yoochun’s face, which had dropped in shock. He tried desperately to look out the window toward where he thought Changmin would be, before realizing that Changmin had walked the opposite direction.

    "Yunho is no longer part of my life"



A/N: This chapter took forever.... I thought the last part was short..... ended up typing it three times before i liked it.... chapter 6 is going to take awhile.... cause a lot f stuff will be happening.... and i have school and tennis season.... so my life basically right now is school, study, tennis, sleep.... ><  ill try and type up the sixth chapter and hopefully it will be up in october...mid october? beginning? end? idk... but it will be up in october.

Comments? Critic? Random Babblings? all appreciated!

15th-Sep-2009 12:38 am (UTC)
i love the story!!!

update soon!!
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