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Lonely Dancer 
6th-Sep-2009 04:31 pm
Title: Lonely Dancer
Author: asianchik92
Rating: G-PG?
Pairing: HoSu
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer:I don't own these guys... no one owns them.. though SM is starting to act like they do... ><

A/N: un beta-ed, I just had to write this An this entire story was spured by a picture i saw on Deviantart... (GOD I LOVE THAT PLACE) the link will be at the bottom.

Lonely Dancer


     Yunho turned and wove his body to the pounding beats of the music, sweat rolled down his face, which was hard, serious and cold. It wasn’t like the choreographed dances he did with the rest of the group, this was his anger, his anguish, of not being able to reach out and help the other three in their time of need. His foot stomped and his body turned in an almost inhuman amount of speed. He could no longer hear the song, nor remember where he was. All he felt was the polished wood floor of the dance studio and the anger pulsing through his veins. He liked being in control, being in the loop, being able to catch the others if they fell. The job of his had been drilled into his mind for so long that he couldn’t help but be angry. Thunder struck outside the small window. Lightening flashed and rain fell in sheets. The music continued, and he danced. Strong masculine.

     Until he felt two arms circle his waist and pull him close to him. Yunho was broken out of his reverie and looked at the mirror in front of him. Yunho took a deep breath to calm his heart down, and to even out his breathing. He looked into the mirror and saw the shorthaired man that was holding him from behind. Yunho let out a small laugh. Before looking at him.

     The voice was distinctive, even now, after so many years when the others were still making fun of him sounding like a dolphin. “Your not a lonely dancer, hyung”


A/N: I have been slightly emo the past few days, and i should really get to work on the 5th part of decode... but school, and tennis just don't let me.... so i have a deal going, If i can get my lab report and my english TV show review done, I'll type the fifth part up...

I know this is bad, but comments are welcome.

Link --> http://vladimirborowicz.deviantart.com/art/Lonely-dancer-85259805?moodonly=1#comments

It is copyrighted , or else i would have put it on here. better safe then sorry.

10th-Sep-2009 09:48 pm (UTC)
dont like hosu D: when are you gonna update Decode :D
11th-Sep-2009 12:05 am (UTC)
lol well i was thinking it more of friendship but to each there own.... I just have like two pages left for decode before i update.... lifes been a bit crazy as of late.... :P
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