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Decode -Part 4- 
4th-Aug-2009 01:48 pm
Title: Decode
Author: asianchik92 
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho, Jaejoong/Junsu (later)
Genre: Romance, Light Comedy, Angst (later)
Disclaimer: I got the story line off a Indian Movie but I changed it a lot, and I don't own TVXQ either
A/N: This was beta-ed by ricecakestar... I seriously owe you one.

Summary: When a person meets another there is a story, How does ours end? Meeting a person once is chance, Meeting a person twice is lucky, Meeting a person three times is fate, so If you meet a person five times is it love? Yoochun, an aspiring cartoonist, meets Changmin. Personalities clash but what happens when they unknowingly fall in love?


Previous: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Part 4

    Yoochun's eyes widened for the second time that day.

    Changmin is the groom?

3 years later - Seoul, South Korea   

    "No way! You’re the groom?" Yoochun said Changmin nodded looking slightly irritated.

    "Why are you getting married so late?" Yoochun continued, Changmin's face fell to disbelief.

    Changmin sighed and ran a hand through his hair, now short, and styled. "You know, 3 years ago, I thought the slap that I gave you would have helped you fix your brain... now I think it was a waste of my energy, and you won't ever change." Changmin said acting a slight bit smug, after all he was going to get married and settle down with a man he loved.

    "My bags are in my car, Go get them and put them into my room," Changmin said as he walked away.

    "What do I look like? A servant?" Yoochun said his face twisted incredulously.

    "Do I?" Changmin said turning his head to look at Yoochun. Yoochun at last got a good look at the man he met 3 years ago. He had grown taller, and was confident, his hair short and his eyes slightly uneven. The fact that Changmin was wearing a long sleeved graphic tee under a vest, plus the long dark pinstriped pants, Yoochun was sure that any girl or guy would fall in love with him just by looking at him. Shaking his head, he pried his eyes off Changmin as he walked in the opposite direction.

    "Hate that guy,"


    Yoochun walked by the pool, removing his shoe he let his feet dangle in the water creating small ripples and splashes. Looking around to make sure no one saw he straightened up and turned around only to jump back dangerously close to the pool's edge, the same person from before about the flowers.

    "Sir, Do you want the candies to be brought here to the pool?" He asked leaning in too much for Yoochun's comfort.

    "What candies? I hate them!" Yoochun said not really thinking about what he was talking about. "Who asked for them?"

    "The groom, Changmin's, mother." The man said as Yoochun quietly backed up to give himself more personal space.

    Yoochun was starting to get irritated, "Who chooses the finer details in the weddings, the mother or me?"

    "You’re the boss."

    Yoochun nodded his chest feeling like it was expanding. "Yes, so... 10 lbs of candies, and have them delivered to the groom's mother's suite." Yoochun said as he turned around.

    Only to jump again.

    Changmin's mother stood in front of him. Yoochun remembered her from when Changmin and he had met in the airport 3 years ago. She smiled as Yoochun hastily bowed to show some respect.

    She spoke; her voice was accented in a way that Yoochun could not place. "Hello, my child, I'm Changmin's mother. You should've told me you didn't like candies, I never asked for those either."

    "Ahjumma..." Yoochun stated only to get cut off.

    "Ahjumma? How dare you call me Ahjumma!" Yoochun shifted on his feet, he suddenly felt as if he had caused a death or something the way Changmin's mother was acting. Yelling for the man who had gone to get the candies, he got his attention.

    "Hey! Where are you going?" Yoochun called out across the pool.

    "To go get the candies!" The man yelled back.

    Yoochun grinned and looked at Changmin's mother before speaking, "I was only joking," He said to Changmin's mother, then turned to the man, "What did Changmin's mother ask for?"

    "Candies!" The man called out.

    "Then we're going to get candies! Buy 10 lbs! No, 15 lbs!" He said yelling to the man on the other side of the pool. "5 lbs from me to you," Yoochun said trying to suck up to the woman.

    "Awww, You’re soooo cute!" She said pinching Yoochun's cheeks. "You are Park-sshi's son?"

    "Yes, ahjumma," Yoochun said, Changmin's mother's face dropped.

    "What is with this cursed 'Ahjumma' nonsense? In my time, we married early and churned out babies like candy." Yoochun's eyes widened, his mini-self in his mind was currently hitting itself in the forehead repeatedly with a hardcover English dictionary. "But, if you insist, call me Hana. My name is Mrs. Shim Jaejin. But everyone calls me Hana, It is my pet name~"

    Yoochun smiled and ramped up his charm. "What is a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet, I've been noticing you all along, Your poise, Your grace, today's people have none of that, look at your son."

    "I've seen you walking around with the other people, like a tiger showing off its stripes." She smiled, a joking and knowing smile at the same time.

    "Well..." Yoochun nodded slightly before laughing.

    "Well, I wish you good luck looking for the person who completes you." Swiveling on her heel Changmin's mother abruptly stood up and walked away.


    Yoochun sat on the back of a truck carrying vegetables out into the city. Tapping the side to indicate that he wanted to get off, he took a gigantic bite out of a tomato. Just as he got off, Changmin approached him.

    "Get a car for me, I want to go into the city." Changmin said in an authoritive tone.

    "Woah, sorry, but your friends and family hijacked all the cars." Yoochun said grinning from ear to ear.

    "Are you serious, the designer for the new spread is coming... Get me a cab then." Changmin muttered to himself. Yoochun laughed effectively stealing Changmin's attention from panicking.

    "We're outside of Seoul, there are no taxis around here." Yoochun said half laughing and utterly enjoying himself as Changmin tried to figure out how to get to his clients.

    Yoochun thought for a minute before grinning, "Well... there is a way."


    Yoochun's hair blew in every direction, squinting his eyes as they traveled in the last evening. He held an eggplant in his hand like a gun closing an eye he made a bang noise, the end of the eggplant pointed at Changmin's head. Changmin turned to him, looking at him while brushing a stray piece of hair from his face.

    "So why aren't you with the other groom?" Yoochun asked, his eyes glinting in the sunlight. Changmin had to admit, even though he was getting married, Yoochun was an attractive man.

    "You’re not supposed to meet the person you’re marrying two days before the marriage. But you wouldn't know that now, would you?" Changmin said, a smirk gracing his features in a way Yoochun was sure killed a few girls.

    Yoochun paused for a second before talking, "Is this an arranged marriage or a love~ marriage?"

    Changmin looked at him, "What do you think?"

    "I don't know, arranged?"

    Changmin shook his head and smiled slightly, brushing a stem off his jeans.

    "No? ...NO?!" Yoochun said acting shocked. Changmin nodded in agreement.

    "No, Both." Changmin said, an affectionate smile on his lips.

    "Both?" Yoochun said, getting up and crossing the back of the truck while it was moving. He had to sit closer to him to get the full story. "What do you mean?"

    "Yunho and I went to college together. We became really close... and when he proposed to me I said yes."

    "Just like that?" Yoochun asked, waving an onion in the air as he talked.

    "Well... He's smart, sensitive, goofy, charming, successful, mature... unlike you." Changmin said, taking the onion from Yoochun's hand.

    The truck stopped and they got off. Changmin walked in front of Yoochun with the confidence of a Casanova.

    "So in New York, you lived with Yunho?" Yoochun asked, getting another good look at Changmin's physique.


    "Why not?"

    "Because... I didn't want to." Changmin said, grappling for an answer to satisfy Yoochun's irritating curiosity.

    "Wait, so you never..." Yoochun trailed off and waved his hand in the air.

    "Never what?" Changmin asked, stepping closer.

    "You know..." Changmin stared at him as if he had grown a second head.

    "Why would I tell you that?" Changmin's eyes widened as he realized what exactly Yoochun was asking.

    Yoochun already started to walk away speaking back to a shocked Changmin. "You replying like that must mean a no, I knew it!"

Changmin's face turned angry and irritated as he watched Yoochun's retreating back, before he calmed himself down, following him into the modern building.


    Changmin sat at his desk looking at pictures that scattered around him. Yoochun was walking around the office bored out of his mind.

    "Changmin, Jae-nim tells me that Yunho is a doctor... pretty intense... He must be quite boring," Yoochun said leaning over Changmin's desk and looking at the pictures along with him.

    "Just because he is a doctor doesn't mean he is boring." Changmin said rubbing his temples. "But thankfully he's not an immature jerk and idiot like you." Changmin said pushing him away for some light.

    Yoochun moved back in and placed a hand on either side of the chair and forced Changmin to look at him. "So if I was more mature, you'd consider me?"

    Changmin looked at him again as if he had grown a second head, but stopped, Yoochun had already gotten his second head today... so this was his third.

    "I'm getting married in two days. You shouldn't say things like that." Changmin said wrapping his slim fingers around Yoochun's wrist and moving them forcefully away from the chair. And got up to leave.

    What did I say? I wasn't telling him to marry me! He takes everything so seriously.

     Walking out behind him he saw a cute guy at the reception desk. He immediately moved in for the catch.


    Changmin's mother said peeling roasted chestnuts talking to Yoochun's mother.

    "I don't see your husband... Is he in the catering business?" She asked grinning. "You’re in the marriage business, and he's in the catering business, wow, that must be easy on you." Changmin's mother continued.

    "No, actually my husband is a photographer."

    "Even better, He's going to take marriage pictures?" Changmin's mom said smiling and assuming everything that Yoochun's mother said.

    "No, He's a fashion photographer, like Changmin... besides he doesn't live in South Korea anymore..." Yoochun's mother said, looking down at her hands that were working skillfully on peeling the wrapper off the chestnut. Her sadness somewhat covered. "In fact we separated..."

    Changmin's mother smiled a warm smile. "So what? I separated from my husband too, but that was a matter of life and death."

    "Hana-shii," Yoochun's mother held Hana's hand. "You are a wonderful example of perseverance."

    "That's true, but you have things going for you, Chung-ah. You are running a thriving wedding business, and all you have is one son." Hana smiled, acting suddenly like an old woman.

    "I'm worried though, I mention marriage and Yoochun runs off to another part of town." Chung-ah said, her frustration with her son quite evident.


    "Why…?" Yoochun said, it was as if he heard what his mother and Changmin's mother were talking about. "Marriage is the end of love and romance."

    Changmin looked up from the cocktail he was drinking. "Do you even know what marriage stands for, Yoochun?"

    Yoochun looked at him before talking to the people around him.

    "What would he know? He is about to get hitched. Tell me something, did Adam and Eve get married?"

    The girls and guys around him shook their heads, some of them were smiling between the small argument Yoochun and Changmin were having across the room.

    "They didn't, they basked in non-marital bliss." The people around Yoochun started to chuckle slightly.

    "Look at Romeo and Juliet... did they marry?" The people around him just continued to play the game that Yoochun was setting up, challenging Changmin across the room.

    "No..." Changmin head shot up when he heard this.

    "Ever wonder why? Well, I'll tell you why. Marriage spent all their romance. They could never have become legendary lovers, if they were married. So if you wish to have true love, never marry." Yoochun said a series of light laughter wove through the crowd as Changmin finally started to talk.

    "Seriously, that is kind of stupid, Yoochun." Changmin said. Yoochun got up and walked over to Changmin.

"Then how is it that all fairy tales, and romance stories end with marriage? Have you ever heard of a story of romance between a married couple?" Yoochun challenged, Changmin looking straight at Yoochun before talking.

    "Everyone knows that Shah Jahan of the Moguls loved his wife so much that when she died he built the Taj Mahal in her honor."

    Changmin stood above Yoochun challenging him to say anything with him towering over him and with the amount of people around them.


    "Seriously, Where is the other groom, the one that is not Changmin?" Yoochun asked, to the women on either arm. They laughed and continued to walk. The guests started to file in; it was time for the wedding.


    Changmin walked down the aisle and looked shyly up at the man that stood in front of him at the altar. He stood with a masculinity that he hoped the man would have with him wherever he went.

    Yunho looked at Changmin directly in the eye before smiling. He couldn't believe he was getting married.

    Yoochun looked up from the conversation he was having with two different women then before and watched the silent exchange between the two. They seemed to have so much trust toward each other. He fell silent as he watched them exchange their vows, the rings, and the kiss.


    "Where does our story end?"

    "Our story?"

    "Yeah, everyone has a story, so when we met our stories meet, and that’s our story."

    "There no story between us, there is only 'The End' and this is the end!"

    Yoochun smiled softly and repeated to himself, "This is the end." before turning around and walking out of the tent.


A/N: THIS IS  NOT  THE  LAST  CHAPTER!  I  REPEAT  THIS  IS  NOT  THE  LAST  CHAPTER.... I  HAVE  A  COUPLE  MORE  CHAPTERS  LEFT  TO  POST.... SO  IT IS NOT OVER... ((plus i would never kill my OTP like that.. :P)) Okay this chapter was hurriedly finished so if you find any grammatical errors please tell me....

And as always: Comment! Critic! Random babblings! all appreciated.
4th-Aug-2009 08:05 pm (UTC)
Changmin is so...GAHHH, I want to just run up to him and yell in his face; "YOOCHUN FREAKING LOVES YOU AND YOU LOVE HIM SO JUST ADMIT IT ALREADY!"

awesome update ((:

/weeps for Yoochun
4th-Aug-2009 11:31 pm (UTC)
lol wow i didn't expect that reaction.... but i still have a couple more updates to go!

we'll both weep for yoochun... T.T
5th-Aug-2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
IS THIS THE END? D: naa jk xP
yeeaah homin <33 but i does yoochun loves changmin?
so if you still have those 2 dollars instead of going to mcdonalds we can go you to Carl´s Jr.?
6th-Aug-2009 04:45 pm (UTC)
well it is Yoomin as the main pairing... so wait and see.. :D

Carl Jr! Lets go!!!! XD

Thank you for commenting -glomps-
7th-Aug-2009 11:01 am (UTC)
no way! he got married..... can't wait how the story is going to develop.
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