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Decode -Part 2- 
14th-Jul-2009 04:57 pm
Title: Decode
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Yoochun/Changmin, Changmin/Yunho, Jaejoong/Junsu (later)
Genre: Romance, Light Comedy, Angst (later)
Disclaimer: I got the story line off a Indian Movie but I changed it a lot, and I don't own TVXQ either
Beta-ed by: uhrelax  thank you so much

Summary: When a person meets another there is a story, How does ours end? Meeting a person once is chance, Meeting a person twice is lucky, Meeting a person three times is fate, so If you meet a person five times is it love? Yoochun, an aspiring cartoonist, meets Changmin. Personalities clash but what happens when they unknowingly fall in love?

Part 2

9 years ago - San Francisco

    The moving walkway rolled beside a giant window next to the gates at the San Francisco airport. 747 sat was being loaded with food, people and luggage. This is what Yoochun and Changmin should have been doing, but the flight from San Francisco to New York was cancelled. Changmin sighed and stood looking forward. For one day he was stuck in a city where he didn't know anyone. The sun shone brightly as they had landed in the morning thankfully.
    As the walkway moved he heard footsteps behind him running to catch up to him.
    "Hi" Yoochun said, smiling.
    "Hey," Changmin replied, being polite. They both smiled at each other, Changmin being taller than Yoochun, looked down at him. Yoochun was wearing cargo pants, and a jean jacket, clear indicators of a college student. Not that Changmin could say the same. He was a college student but at least on a plane he dressed well.
    "Our New York Flight is in a day," Changmin nodded and played along with the lighthearted conversation. "Airport squatting is boring... do you want to sightsee?" Changmin nodded, considering it. "You have a visa," Yoochun continued.
    "How do you know?" Changmin asked.
    "I looked at your passport" Yoochun replied. He smiled and a dimple shone on his face.
    "You looked through my bag?!" Changmin said his eyes getting wide. His voice grew slightly louder. He turned back around to look at the airplanes, trying desperately to ignore Yoochun again.
    "What? You were asleep and I was bored, and I thought I might as well kill some time..." Yoochun said, leaning towards Changmin a slight bit.
    "You went through my bag because you were bored? My computer was in there, you could've stolen it!" Changmin said, his face contorted in irritation and disbelief. "You don't go through people's bags when they don't let you!" Changmin tried to tell him.
    "Why? What's inside people's bags?" Yoochun asked. Changmin didn't answer, instead he just glared.
    "Okay, I stand corrected, I'll never do it again." Yoochun said, quickly trying to save his ass.
    Changmin shook his head as he started to walk away from him, "I can't believe you went through my bag."
    "I said I was sorry," Yoochun replied, trying to catch up to him.
    Stopping, Yoochun called out to Changmin, "Where are you going?"
    Changmin kept walking but his voice rang out in clear Korean. "I thought we were going to sightsee in San Francisco." Yoochun smiled, before running up to catch up with Changmin, "Wait up, I don't have long legs like you!"


    The air in San Francisco was better than the air in Seoul; Yoochun immediately decided, it was clean to an extent. There were people walking around the city, and the same homeless man that Yoochun swore he saw two blocks before. They were on a bus going to Japan Town when Yoochun turned to Changmin again.
    "Where does our story end?" Yoochun asked, more to himself than Changmin.
    "Story? Ours?"
    "Yeah," Yoochun nodded as Changmin placed his bag next to his feet. "Everyone has a story, So when we meet some one our stories meet. And that is our story." Changmin nodded, listening to him, "So say we spend a lot of time together here, and when we go to New York and look each other up–"
    "Or we say our goodbyes and never see each other again," Changmin continued on the same note that Yoochun was going at.
    "Umm, yeah," Yoochun looked slightly taken aback. "But still no matter how long or short, there still is a story between the two of us."
    Changmin smiled, the notion of a story was nice to hear. "Here," He said holding out 2.50$ and placing it in Yoochun's hand.
    "What's this for? Extra begging money?" Yoochun said, looking at the two bills and coins in his hand.
    "For my ticket," Changmin said looking in front of him, the man next to him was handsome he had to admit, but still, there was no way he would turn into a blushing teenage girl around him.

    "Aish, Don't be silly, the ticket is 2.50$, I'll pay for it," Yoochun said pulling out his wallet to pay for the ticket.

    "Nope, 50-50, we'll split even, why do you have to pay for my ticket?" Changmin said, looking at him.

    "Okay, less money for me to spend." Changmin's face dropped, "... Bad joke?" Yoochun asked sheepishly.


    "Hey..." Yoochun trailed off. Changmin looked at him in wonder. "Never mind, I was going to crack another bad joke." Changmin laughed slightly, the corners of his mouth twitched up in amusement.


    After the bus ride into Japan town, Changmin got a map and looked at it, walking out of a store that the both of them were in minutes earlier.

    "Yoochun, here we are, and this is where we are headed." Changmin said, pointing out a street on the map. Yoochun was lighting his cigarette, blowing on the paper as Changmin coughed. 

    "Why do people smoke,” Changmin said, trying to get fresh air back into his system.

    "Come on Changmin," Yoochun said grabbing a chair for himself and sitting down, "Unless you try it, you'll never know how it feels to smoke," Yoochun said taking a deep inhale through the stick of cancer.

    Changmin sat next to him, nodding somewhat innocently before taking the cigarette, "You're right," He looked from the cigarette to Yoochun, who motioned him to almost suck on the stick. He placed the stick in his mouth, sucking in some of the smoke before he removed it, starting to hack.

    "Why do people smoke?" Changmin stated again, pulling out a pack of gum.

    "Oh can I have one?" Yoochun asked his hand held out.

    "Only one." Changmin said shoving a piece into Yoochun's waiting hand. It missed his mouth as Yoochun tried to pop it in.

    "Can I have one more?"


    Walking on a small bridge in the middle of San Francisco, Changmin pointed at a tall building to their left. "Look! And a museum!"

    "Oh no! I refuse to go to a museum, we decided where we would go, and that did not include a boring museum!" Yoochun whined.

    "Excuse me, but when did we decide?" Changmin asked.

    "Okay we're deciding now." Changmin sighed and turned away from the fuming Yoochun towards the museum. "Museums are for kids, teachers and old people, not for people like us! Okay I'm off, you're on your own."

    Changmin stopped his face in a pout. "You’re going to leave me alone in a place where I don't know anyone?"

    Yoochun shrugged, "Fine!" Changmin said

    "Fine! You go your way and I'll just follow you..." Yoochun said, trying not to give into the pout that Changmin sent his way. 'I don't think anyone in the world can resist that pout, and if there is some one out there, please teach me!' Yoochun thought as they walked into the Palace of Fine Arts.

    Looking at paintings of half-nude figures of both genders, Yoochun grinned and pointed to it, "Now this is good." Changmin neatly rolled his eyes and walked away from him. They walked around the museum, looking at paintings and other pieces of art as well.

    As they were walking out Yoochun seized the time to finally look at the people around him. "Done with your museum, finally!" Yoochun said quickly, "Lets’ do something..." His eyes caught a woman who walked by, "...fun" Sighing Changmin looked forward, refusing to acknowledge the fact that the person next to him was the only person that he knew in San Francisco. "Oh God."

    "What?" Yoochun asked, looking at the brown short haired man in front of him. "What did I do?"

    "Why were you staring at that girl? Do your eyes suddenly have x-ray vision? That you can see through clothes?" Changmin said, his hand holding a rolled up magazine.

    "I wish."                

    Changmin stopped, his face looking at him with disgust. "What?" Yoochun said as Changmin walked away from him for the fourth time since he met him.


    "Yoochun, what would you feel like if you were looked at like that by a girl?" Changmin paused, "Wait, don't answer that." He said as a grin was forming on Yoochun's face. Yoochun chuckled an evil laugh.

    "Thank God, not every guy is like you," Changmin said.

    "Hey, I look at guys like that too." Changmin's mouth dropped to the ground.

    "You're gay?" Changmin said that a little too loudly.

    "The word for me is Bi, meaning I'm Bi-sexual, in other words–" Yoochun explained before getting cut off by Changmin.

    "Everyone is game." Changmin said, his face not looking amused.

    "And what is someone else finds out?" Changmin continued.

    "We cover it up with a lie, or we just come out and tell them." Yoochun said, half laughing as Changmin choked on the coffee he held in his hand.

    "What’s one of your lies?" Changmin asked.

    "Well, in a relationship or when I am just meeting a person?" Yoochun grinned.

    "There is a difference?"

    "Say there is a guy I really like but I'm in a relationship with a girl, I tell her that I'm not that interested. But, if I'm just meeting someone, I tell my friend that I have her number, no matter if the person is a girl or not. But once I get the person's number, I tell my friends that I took he or she out. And when we actually go on a date, I tell my friends that we had.... You know what." Yoochun trailed off. Changmin was looking at him with wide eyes.

    "Are you serious?" Changmin asked slightly offended. "So what will you tell your friends about me?"

    Yoochun faltered, "I didn't mean you!"

    "Get away from me, I don't know you, you are sick playing with people's hearts like that.”

    Yoochun sighed and took a swig out of his coke bottle, "What is with him? Taking everything so serious."

    "I am not taking thing too seriously," Changmin said, "You just don't understand the hearts of people that aren't gigantic flirts like you."

    "Really? I don't understand the hearts? Well, I understand the attraction between two different people!" Yoochun yelled after him.

    They had attracted a crowd around them, as they argued. Yoochun sighed, as Changmin wouldn't let go of the fact that people want romance not just attraction. There was only one way that Yoochun could think of to make to argument to stop.
    Taking matters into his own hands, Yoochun yanked Changmin's head down just as he was telling him that attraction isn't everything. And kissed him.

    Time stopped for Changmin as he felt a pair of arms around his neck, and the feeling of lips on his own. He stumbled back, vaguely aware of applause around them. Changmin did the only thing natural to him in his current shocked state. He brought up his hand, and slapped Yoochun across the face.

A/N: Okay it still hasn't gone to the present time..... and I'm still in the same time as the first part.... ^^ hopefully there are no mistakes but if there are please tell me... comments! critic! random babblings! all appreciated... ^^

14th-Jul-2009 10:58 pm (UTC)
Time stopped for Changmin as he felt a pair of arms around his neck, and the feeling of lips on his own. He stumbled back, vaguely aware of applause around them. Changmin did the only thing natural to him in his current shocked state. He brought up his hand, and slapped Yoochun across the face.

Changmin SLAPPED him?? wow that is just WOW
in a way, typical girl move LOL hahaha
15th-Jul-2009 12:17 am (UTC)
Well if Changmin punched him there would be blood that he would have to clean up... XDD lol

Thank you for commenting.. ^^
15th-Jul-2009 04:57 pm (UTC)
true! and if a fight breaks out they'd end up in jail or for at least a day and then they might miss their flight! haha

you're welcome~
14th-Jul-2009 11:56 pm (UTC)
i was expecting changmin to sock him one in the jaw instead. LOL :D
15th-Jul-2009 12:18 am (UTC)
.... yeah well i would've too... but Yoochun's face would've been messed up.. :D

thank you for commenting ^^
15th-Jul-2009 01:05 am (UTC)
he slapped him???!!!

15th-Jul-2009 01:24 am (UTC)
everyone says i should have punched him..... but that would be bad for yoochun.... XDD

thank you for commenting! ^^
15th-Jul-2009 01:14 am (UTC)
I think it would have been more 'Changmin' if he punched Yoochun in the face. Leave a nice reminder on Chunnies pretty face. XD *hides*

I'm really enjoying this. Feeling a bit worried that this is from 9 years ago. Does that mean that they aren't together at present time?

I also wanted to ask, what movie is this from? I might have watched it. :D

Update soon! <3
15th-Jul-2009 01:33 am (UTC)
lol but then Changmin would be hunted out by Yoochun's girlfriend in New York.. XDD ((that was in the first part so no im not giving anything away))

Thank you! .... well hopefully it cam off like that in the first part..

^^ :D a hindi movie XD

typing tomorrow... so day after tomorrow its will be up?
15th-Jul-2009 04:21 am (UTC)
ahhhhh <33333 hey what about if you saved money and i do the same, then when we have enough money,we go to korea buy dbsk and then you dont have to put on your disclaimer that you dont own dbsk :D it would be the dream of everyone sane person to write

Disclaimer: I DO own TVXQ stupid bitches

well we can cut out the stupid bitches part if you aren that mean xP
15th-Jul-2009 10:34 am (UTC)
XDDDD lets!!! XD but that would be awesome.. "I own TVXQ deal with it... ;P
15th-Jul-2009 06:26 am (UTC)
Is the plot idea from Maahi Ve? It sounds familiar XD And I can so picture Min as... Nina I think her name was XD

The story is interesting thus far anyway :)
15th-Jul-2009 10:35 am (UTC)
actually no.... i've never seen Maahi Ve.... XD but good guess...

thank you for commenting! ^^
(Deleted comment)
27th-Jul-2009 04:20 pm (UTC)
:D I love that movie too!!!

And you happen to be the only person who guessed the correct movie... :D

I'm typing! I'm typing! -runs- :D
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